im hungry!
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Kingdom Hearts II :D
Posted at Friday, July 31, 2009 ; 8:33 PM | 0 comments

hellos people! ytd forget to mention that i was playing kingdom hearts II.. hehe.. i visited some worlds.. and i gort th cutscenes by :D

I was visiting Pooh's world..

and Hercules' world(:

and disney castle + timeless river!

and that's all today:D
new layout 80% done!:D


Late Post *yawns*
Posted at Thursday, July 30, 2009 ; 11:16 PM | 0 comments

Good night people! *yawn* im so sleepy so today im doing my new blogskin. but havent finished yet. its 40% done only. and i gort register a new photobucket acc.. th name is aiko94.. lols.. last time stupei94 now aiko94.. but i like stupei better=x more funneh:D
btw this is THE REAL STUPEI

well its Junpei Iori
given th name 'stupei' by this girl,,

Yukari Takeba (i dont really like her tough)

btw they are all from persona3..:D a nice ps2 game. my favourite there is Minato Arisato. a cute blue haired guy which is th main character btw,,i gort download ms(MapleStory) today.. but im still a noob and dunno how to play but nvm..i got sensei to teach me=x

errr...dunnoeh wan write wad liao so buh-byes for now

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TTC. short post.
Posted at Tuesday, July 28, 2009 ; 2:03 PM | 0 comments

try this game:D


school sucks.
Posted at Monday, July 27, 2009 ; 11:50 PM | 2 comments

hiies! will post something today(: today gort school): I Hate Monday . the day after nice sunny sunday over. must go to school again, must wake up early again, must study again, and blah blah blah blah actually, i dont hate monday. but i hate school! so today i go to school as usual. OheMGeh..stomach paining real bad when its PHYSIC! th teacher is so dammm scary sia! so i don dare to say i wan go to toilet must wait around 1-2 hours and dhenn 1.45pm home alrdy. my brother so guai lan lah he din let me to play one.. its a boo for him! >=( errr..lets stop talk about him. (who talks to you?) nahhs..anws..i joined 5 clubs and 1 collection alrdy.. and im joining the chocolate club. this one not this one its full alrdy and cos th club doesnt have a banner yet(but now gort), i made one for them anw.. here it is..

hope they will use it ;D oh! and! i joined another contest!:D its miss rainbow banner making contest!:D another banner contest=D hope i can win again=x lols..praypray for me!=x

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contest results=D
Posted at Saturday, July 25, 2009 ; 11:49 AM | 0 comments

HELLOS PEOPLE!:D LOL~ sorry for using caps =x today din go to school=x my stomach paining again =__= boohs.. nvmnvm.. now better alrdy(: so,, i gort change my blogskin:D i took a real long time to finish it): and i lost my old skins code =__= so i cant submit it to bs D: and ive made a new button + 2 banners for my reader :D grab them i you want! and todays 25 July, THE JUDGING DAY OF MISS BBT BANNER CONTEST!=x lols.. the results come out already..
won the 2nd place;D

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things .
Posted at Sunday, July 19, 2009 ; 8:44 PM | 0 comments

hello again ppl:D
time to post!(:
wheeeee~ the colour so cutehh!
i lurbb pink! :DDD
btw,, im planning to make a cbox layout for my cbox..(:
and i also wan to make another skin(:
this time with navigations^^
and i too, wan to create a banner for my readers:D
but i have only 6 followers=x
=_______= BOOHS~ next time maybe...

anyways i cant wait till the results come out!
the bbt banner contest result i mean=x
LOL maybe i will lose...):
nah nvm~ its my 1st time anyway :D
but i still wan to win! :DD

thts all for today~
buh-byeeeeeeesss!! ;D

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clubs && contest && school
Posted at Saturday, July 18, 2009 ; 8:54 AM | 0 comments

hellos all..
posting again today...
since im not-so-active at this cyber world again bcos of school problem,,
i nvr post anything lately yeah..):
well nvm abt body's all paining this morning D:
and cannot go rest cos more school thing wait..
this night must stay at school oso D: sad.
btw,, ive joined a club.. (:
i nvr thinking abt joining a club but,,
i think itll be fun if i do :D
so i applied in around 4 or 5 clubs maybe =x
so far ive joined one club =D
its the bubble tea club :D
yahyah~ i like bubble tea~ (:
but lately never drink one D:
anyone want to send me one???? =x
and i joined my 1st contest oso :DD
its a banner making contest at the bubble tea club too ^^
well~~~~ i just hope ill win the 1st place =x
LOL~~~ do pray for me! :DD
that's all for now~~ must look for more things for school ):
cyas all~ take caresss ;DD

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new school so...BOO!
Posted at Monday, July 13, 2009 ; 4:03 PM | 0 comments

hello peeps..

post again today..=(

i come to my brand new school today..D:

so damn tiring there =___=

must do this and do that and this and that..

and the seniors all so guai lan! D:

they will execute us if we did not obey them =__=

ISHH~~ i hate them la..

and the toilet is a problem oso T___T

i always love a place with good good and clean toilet 1..

but there not like that! BOOOHS! ):

and bo BFFS! but yes ex-BFF!

well maybe its not a BFF cos its not forever =__=

maybe it'll go like this,,BFF! D:

btw i got an award from Shin ytd..

here it is......~

click to get your award's url!

All you have to do is:

1. Copy and paste this award to your blog

2. Tag and give this award to at least 3 bloggers or more you *heart*

3. Mention who give you this award

4. Write the site/web URL of the person who give you this award

the lucky 3 persons who will get this award is :




Here's the code ..

hahahs..tyvm shin(:

btw,, ive submitted my 2nd skin!:D

but there's a preview error at bs so preview it Here!

for the code you can download it here =D

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Updates (:
Posted at Saturday, July 11, 2009 ; 12:15 AM | 0 comments

Hello people(:
i have updated my blog:D
more things at goodies part=D
feel free to use them(:

btw, my luna acc reached lvl 20 ady(:
can change job but dunnoe how D:
got quest quest thing =___=
and my plurk's karma always drop cos i seldom play plurk recently. ):

anyways im going to school tomorrow so i will go sleep now.
its almost 1am lols xDD
byebye everyone :D

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new look by me! :D
Posted at Monday, July 6, 2009 ; 11:09 AM | 0 comments

i finished this one at last! :DD
nice nice or not?? ;D
and check out the 'Goodies' part!
i will update more soon~ :DD

nothing to post liao~~
and take caress everyone! :DD


2nd template request compleated:D
Posted at Friday, July 3, 2009 ; 12:27 PM | 0 comments

hahas..not bad at all~ (:
check it at :D