im hungry!
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cookie emoticons x)
Posted at Friday, October 30, 2009 ; 10:18 PM | 2 comments

halo minna~~
yesterday at school ~ got free time when at th com lab ~
idk what to do ~ so veri bored there ~ x________x
all of my friends just play play lame game there ~
and then i think i'll just play around with ms paint ~
butbut! guess what i made !~~ i made a cookie smilies ! *-*

its have not available to download yet though ~ X:
cause i hvt make it transparent , upload them and stuff ~ x.x
and i doubt anyone would like it anyway ~~ im still super noob ~

i edited my windows live spaces!
i edited some stuff , change th layout to simple one ~
and then edit th background image + blog something ~ x)
and fortunately,, it looks kinda nice o________o
here's my windows live spaces link ~~~ x)

by the way~~ i watch digimon 02 again today x_____x
2 episodes only though. but th 2nd episode is about takari!!
and takari is taken from th word takeru and hikari x_____x
cool but,, *rmb aiko,,you have jenrya* nothing nothing x)
here are some pic i took ~~~ x)

*cough* Takari x__x

chibimon (demiveemon) and daisuke~~~

takeru worried about hikari *~*

kawaii upamon training kendo~~~ x)

okie. thats all for tonight~~
i got to make a banner for janice's contest tmr~
and make a banner for xiaoyan tmr too~~
ja ne~~~


gifts & award
Posted at Wednesday, October 28, 2009 ; 5:48 PM | 0 comments

Halo people !
im here to post before watching Digimon Adventure Zero Two!
i just hope i wont love takeru nor izumi x.x.x.x.x.x

Won 3rd place at QiWen's 'lucky draw' Bday Contest!:D

and got a gift from janice blanket ~ :D

done with what i got :D
now is the thing i wan to give to my special frens (:
For Janice , Maviies, Bianca,& Hester !

sorry if too simple and ugly ya!


Posted at Tuesday, October 27, 2009 ; 4:10 PM | 0 comments

Halohalo everyone ! :D
im here to post again ! HAHAHAH. x)
so happy that icecreamclub's contest got many participants already ^^
and anyway, i found some videos at youtube x.x.x.x

#1. *coughcough* Presenting Hikari and Daisuke ! *veri naisu* x)

#2. LMAO. Digimon Series' leader is..LOL. i like th marcus(masaru)'s part x)

done with the video ~ got some pic to post also x)
*cough* which one do you think is more cute nicer? x)

Option #1: Takeru [aka] TK

Option #2: Wallace

haha. im so random today. x)
janice ask me to watch AH also x.x.x.x
AH sounds so scary !! x__________x


Posted at Monday, October 26, 2009 ; 5:46 PM | 0 comments

Hey Peepos!
i found an interesting blog today! X)


btw, IceCreamClub is hosting a contest.
Please visit for more info. ^___^
Do join it ~ :D :D

I found a nice digimon pic! :D
its T.K. (takeru) and Kari (Hikari)'s pic. LOL.
looks very nice and kawaii X: X:
here it is x3

haha. very nice right? x)
takeru very kawaii when he was little x.x
and then he is so damn cool when he's older. x.x.x
but im trying not to jealous with them. X:

anyway, joined mavis's SOTM contest~

and got a gift from her too <3 !

okie. end here.
byebye. ja ne~~~~~~


the BIGGEST dreamer :D
Posted at Sunday, October 25, 2009 ; 6:59 PM | 0 comments

Hey everyone! :D
today i was like exploring youtube. lmao.
and then i found this *kawaii* video. x)
its digimon tamer's first opening sang by th boys~
[ tamers: Takato , Jenrya , Ryo , Kazu , Kenta ]
[ digimon: Guilmon , Terriermon , Guardromon , Cyberdramon ]

Jenrya's 1st part : "sou boku wa ki zuitan da"
Terriermon's 1st part : "chansu wa nigete yuku"
Guilmon's 1st paer : "wakatteru sa"

haha. so kawaii , ne? x)
i love this song lorts *like it more when they sang it* !~
too bad i dont have a USB cable to transfer this song to my hp. :( :(

btw,,ive finished watching Digimon Adventure !~ :D
so touching ~ so kawaii ~ so kakkoi ~ so sugoi ~! ^__^
and then just like what i said earlier, its 02's turn x)
watched Zero Two till episode 3 already also. heheheh. :D

Won Top place at ZengHui's nanoprint award! :D

yatta ! :D ~arigatou ne zenghui-san :D


*again* X:
Posted at Friday, October 23, 2009 ; 10:16 PM | 0 comments

oi minna~
another post for today. x)
just now watch Digimon Adventure & took these,,

Agumon ate a *BIGBIG* fish!

And when they saw it ~

Kawaii Tai and Hikari x3

Kawaii Tai and Sora x3

i watched till ep.47 already !! :D
almost finished watching Digimon Adventure x)
then after that,,its Digimon Adventure 02's time~ X:
*addicted to Digimon already* haha. :DD
Oyasuminasai. ^^


Posted at Thursday, October 22, 2009 ; 4:56 PM | 0 comments

HORRAY! All of my Digimons digivolved! :D :D
All thanks to you who helped me to feed them everyday! :D
Domo Arigatou Gozaimasu! ^w^

After Digivolved and Edited

And i found a nice Persona3 song when i was bloghopping. *3*

i hate my class
its full of lame people who loves to cheat.
even though maybe not all of classmates loves to cheat.
and i hate it! i hate cheating! dont care how hard th test/exam is,,

then th teachers think all students from my class cheats.
and that includes me too. *im a student of my class* :(
even though my results are ugly. *booooooooooo*
i can still proud that im not cheating like th others.
but what th teacher know is i cheated just like what they do. T~T

nah nevermind. what can i do ?~
its not about what they know anyway ~

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Posted at Wednesday, October 21, 2009 ; 4:59 PM | 1 comments

halo everyone !! x)
i found some kawaii digimon pic when i was watching digimon adventure ytd. *__*
and i will post them here now ~ ^____^

kawaii agumon in jacket with sad face! :3

kawaii gabumon in bear suit with sad face also! *w*

super kawaii agumon and tai when he was a kid~ *3*

and thats all..

i have my own glasses now.
yes. my eyes are not so good anymore that i need a glasses to help me see things.
lols. i like my *new* glasses btw. its yellowish and got brown and blue colour ~
too bad i dont feel so comfortable when im wearing it. i just hvt used to wearing it.
but the weird this is, why is everyone said im prettier?!?? eee~ weird~ x.x.x.x
1st is my physic *scary* teacher, then my cousin, then then..i cant remember. X: X:

my mid-exam results are so damn ugly x.x
omg. im so stupid, im so dumb, and im super duper lazy !
i didnt study at my exams & this is the worst exam i ever had !
so hard, no multiple choices, nothing is on my lame brain ! :( :(
but i wont fail my other exam ! i will study for them ! >(

My digimons are about to digivolve !
yay ! i will soon have moonmon , gummymon ,& guilmon
thankyou loads for those who have feed my *kawaii* digimons ^______^
love you all ! :D

thats all for today ! ^w^
byebye~~~~ :DDDD

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atashi no digimon wa kawaii desu x33
Posted at Tuesday, October 20, 2009 ; 8:13 PM | 0 comments

gigimon desu! digiegg desu! zerimon desu!
These are my digimons x) kawaii ne? pls feed them everyday ya! x)

dodomon desu!
This one is my brother's digimon~ x) do feed him too x)

Joined these 2 contests :)
NanoPrint awards

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random quiz x)
Posted at Saturday, October 17, 2009 ; 6:39 PM | 1 comments

tagged by Janice && Mavis
1. Tag at least 7 pals
2. Put an "tick" image beside each of your answers
3. Have your own question at 17

1) Do you like to imagine things for your amusement ?

2) Are you often late for school or meetings?

3)Your friend fails to show up for a metting at the promised time . What do you do ?
Become irritated
Wait patiently
Get angry and bail

4)Do you occansionally consider yourself dull and overly cautious ?

5)Do you sometimes run out of things to do all of a sudden?

6)Can you sincerely thank someone when you feel grateful ?

7) Are there many things you would like to do ?

8)Do you feel lonesome when you are alone ?

9)You are suddenly locked inside a pitch-black room!What do you do ?
Kick the door
Clean it

10)There is a scream from behind a door ! How will you react?
Yank open the door
Scream in unison

11) What do you do with your room's light when you're going to bed at night?
Turn it off
Leave it on

12) Do you dream of louging around idly without much excitment ?

13)You are offered a choice of two gifts, which one will you take ?
Big box
Small box

14)Do others often call you childish ?

15) You are going for a highest-ever bungee jump alone . What will you bring along ?
Your favourite doll
Jenrya's pic (LOL, i made this option myself, dont copy X:)

16) Are you a boy or a girl ?

17) What kind of game do you like? (do not copy this question ! Make your own one!)

NOW . I have to tag people: just do if you want. donwan also nvm x)
1. Hester
2. Joey
3. Wanching
4. Konayachi
5. Flo
6. Sha
7. 10-chan

btw, i will delete some link on my link section. X: