im hungry!
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my guilmon and janice's pikachu~ :D
Posted at Wednesday, September 30, 2009 ; 5:11 PM | 0 comments

I got a guilmon from janice x)


Here's your pikachu blanket :3

hope you like it :D
paipai ^__^


Creative Blogger Award
Posted at Tuesday, September 29, 2009 ; 2:40 PM | 1 comments

Thanks to Hester for nominating me the creative blogger award :D

To accept this award , you will have to do the followings :

1)Thank the person that nominated you.
2)Copy the logo and put it in your blog
3)Link that person who nominated you.
4)Name 7 things about you that people might find it interesting.
5)Nominate 7 creative bloggers that you think should be nominated.
6)Post the links for the 7 creative bloggers you've choosen.
7)Leave a comment/tag at the 7 bloggers' blog,letting them know that they are nominated.

7 things about me that you might find them interesting:
1)I love digimon and addicted to it. X:
2)I HATE pizza, hamburger and hotdogs. x.x
3)I love friedrice and chicken noodle much more than pizza.
4)I dont really care abt my appearance. LOL.
5)I am weak inside and no one knows it. X:
6)I hate homeworks, exams, and everything that is related to studies.
7)I once fall in love with Danny Phantom. ROFL.

Who am I gonna nominate ?

* Janice
* Madelyn
* Bianca


Some Contests and Stuffs
Posted at Sunday, September 27, 2009 ; 1:45 AM | 2 comments

wah. im sick again now. and school is coming soon. lols.
after 10days of holiday i cannot go to school? OMG. =.=
anyways,,made a skin for madelyn who is addicted to persona just like me.
lols. im th one who made her addicted to it btw. HAHAHA. X:

and i will post kingdom hearts 2's opening video here. x.x
i dont know why,, but i feel kinda strange while watching this.
lols. its a nice video and a super cool game btw. ^____^

plus, joined elyana and xieing's contest.
will advertise them here cause its one of th requirements. x.x

Theme : Milk
Type : Banner
Animation/non-animation : Anything will do
Words : anything as long as you stayed on the theme
Do's and Dont's : Please do post about this contest at your blog
and do not show your banners if you are done with it !
Send your entries to !

Tag these to join ->
-Blog URL
-I am participating your Kawaii Milk banner making contest

Theme: Sweet
Words:Any words.
Contest Starts: 26/09
Contest finish: 02/10
Send to her your banner by msn or email!

1)Link her, dont remove my link.
2)You must advertise about this contest at your blog. Tell her the URL of the post.
3)Put the contest banner.

Okays. Done Advertising. Ja !~

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I -heart- Kingdom Hearts!
Posted at Thursday, September 24, 2009 ; 9:00 PM | 2 comments

Im addicted to kingdom hearts again o.o
OMG~ Sora is just too cute ! x.x
i love his voice too x___________x

Kingdom Hearts II [Little Mermaid] - Under The Sea

"Darling its better down where its wetter, take it from me.."<3 [click th HQ please?]

OMG. see? his voice~ LOL.
that's when he's at dolphin form btw.
not th real him ! remember that ! LOL.
but he got too many fans x.x

Joined Janice's Contest

And adding these two pics at my profile

Kkays. Oyasumi Minna! :D


New Layout :D
Posted at Tuesday, September 22, 2009 ; 2:41 PM | 0 comments

new layout again today. hehs. x)
nort persona, yes. but still got yosuke's pic at th header. X:
hahas. i think im in love with him again x.x
now killua zaoldyeck is #2 and yosuke hanamura is #1 ! HAHAHA.

Btw, i put my real pic on profile part. o.o
idk why suddenly wan put my real pic there.
lols. u can laugh all you want. ;D


That's all. My brother shout at me le. x.x
But btw, can anyone intro me nice chinese songs? X:


Boreeeed. D:
Posted at Sunday, September 20, 2009 ; 5:47 PM | 0 comments

Joined Joey's Banner Contest

Type: Banner
Theme: Chocolates
Words: Chocolates are LOVED!

The contest will stop after 10 participants.
All things are to be submitted in 1 week after your tag.
Results will be out after all entries received!

Phew! so happy that i can use th com now. >)
My brother will play again later though .. D: D:
Lata will watch Pirates Of The Carribean 2. LOL.
Plus im thinking abt hosting a contest and open a resource site. X:
And im so happy cause many ppl joined icecreamclub! :D
We got 11 participants on our 1st banner contest too. (:
Its my 1st time hosting a contest. hehs. x)

Today kinda boring. Nothing to do as always. ):
My brother use th com and im stuck with my sister. Doing Nothing.
My favourite playstation CD and DVD are broken. T_____T
Then my little sister ask my father what to do. =__=
My father answer "got nth to do then go wash th spoons, forks, and plates la."
LOL. then we do it. but, it'll a me instead a we. cause my sister didnt do much.
After that we play till we're so dirty and wet. then go bath. X:
We go eat, and watch tv awhile, then i play com and here i am ..~

Made a skin yesterday
my 6th skin(:
Download/Fave/Rate/Comment/UseIt Please ..~ X:

And got a gift from hester and a gift from bianca (:

End here. Byeeeees :D

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giftyy for close fren :D
Posted at Friday, September 18, 2009 ; 9:30 PM | 0 comments

For You

For me from Janice :D

won th 1st place & kawaii

That's all. Byebye! :D


QiWen's bday contest and more.
Posted at Wednesday, September 16, 2009 ; 10:19 PM | 0 comments

Joining Qi Wen's Contest

Joining Qi Wen's Bday contest. Cause there got many attractive prizes! X:
like blogskin, tagboard skin, name favicon, etcetc.
Just go to and read her latest post! (:

And Made A Club

Do join my club. X:
And Mavis will be one of th admins too. (:
Will host a contest soon (maybe). =x

More Gifts :D

This one is from Mavis. LOL.

And from Janice.

Ok, end here. Byes. (:


Today's Outing
Posted at Sunday, September 13, 2009 ; 10:50 PM | 0 comments

Today's outing kinda fun. x)
1st time got go to church && wait for about 1 hour ++. ):
then go to th place. and wait till sooo lonqq! x(
why? cause my group lost th 1st game. T________T
so must wait for th other 7 groups to go 1st. D:
then walkwalkwalk. we keep talktalk and laughlaugh.
i know only 1ppl from my group before th game begins.
but then we know each other and be friends~ :D :D
they all call me SESAT cause i always say sesat sesat. LOL.
even th teacher call me sasat because of that also! =___=||
HAHA. then get to know this Chandra girl. heheheh. x)
she's a gamer too. so we talktalk abt game alot and become a good friend. ^__^
and nxt week she will come to my house to playplay some playstation games. (:
lalala. not so bad lah th outing. but we all get wet cause there got a game where all of our member must all wetwet 1st! cause if not th teachers wont let us pass one.
LOL ah those teachers! haha. they also still drydry we must wetwet! ): ):

And im joining joey's banner contest.

i will submit my banner after she put my name on th participant list. :)
Nights, readers. ^_____^

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lalalalala. LOL.
Posted at Saturday, September 12, 2009 ; 8:52 PM | 2 comments

HAHAHA. i won the 1st place on miss food banner contest. x)

won th 1st place(:

More Contest,

plus i wan to join joey's banner contest too. =)
i want more awards. LOL. x_________________x

Today got economy test x.x
its like, OMG. i sleep at 1am.
hvt studied at all. T_______T
but miracle do happen. haha. x)

Okays, end here.
my brother is nagging alr. ):
he wan play th computer alr. T__T
i hvt even make a banner for sensei. =x
its his bday today :D :D :D

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more skin today x)
Posted at Friday, September 11, 2009 ; 10:07 PM | 1 comments

HeyHey everyone x)
kinda addicted to blogskins lately. =x
i wish i'll get SOTD soon. x.x
anyways, i submitted another skin today. (:
its here. please rate/comment.
download and use it on your blog too. [:

Moree Gifts!:D

From Hester<3
from hester!:D

From Mavis:D
from mavis!

And HAHA. My english teacher said im pretty too. LOL.
whats with the teachers here lately... x____________x

And Tommorow is when the ms food's banner contest's results will be out!
I wonder who'll be the winner and who'll be the food of th month ... x.x

Okays, nth to post alr~
Buh-Byes readers! <3 :D

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this that this and that
Posted at Tuesday, September 8, 2009 ; 6:26 PM | 0 comments

Yesterday forgot to post. LOL. so i will post these things today. =)

Yesterday at school, my teacher said im preety. LOL. weird la. i no preety like this she saysay that im preety. ROFL. and the whole class laughs cause i said some stupid thing. HAHA. it was almost like this,,

Ms.Agnes: "his mum said he's handsome, smart, and kind. but i said no. he's just like someother ordinary boys."
My Classmates: *laughs*
Ms.Agnes: "did your mum said youre pretty?" *pointing at me*
Me: "eheh?? no?" (i said it without thinking)
My Classmates: "LOL!!"
Ms.Agnes: "but i think youre pretty."
Me: " mum passed away already. i said it without thinking first." =__=
Ms.Agnes: "Oh..sorry...."

and blahblah..LOL.
nevermind what happened after that. x)
++ I got more gifts from janice && hester!

Thanks Janice!<3

Thanks Hester
from Hesterr

and submitted three skins to bs already. :)
[ ONE ] [ TWO ] [ THREE ]

Those Who Havent COllected Their Gift Can Go To "For You" Section. ^___^

Vote for Cherrie ; Miss Cookie , Please?

ThankYou and buh-byes! :D

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New Theme(:
Posted at Sunday, September 6, 2009 ; 11:06 AM | 2 comments

Hey Peepos:D

New Theme!
Its Persona4!:D YAYYYY<3
ive wanted a persona layee since months ago(:
so happyy :D pls comment. TYTY ^_^

and pls keep voting. mine is Cherrie ; Miss Cookie . :D
All of your votes will be appreciated. ^____^ Thanks<3

Hester made me something realli niceeeeee :D :D

ThankYou Soo Much Hester Dearest!<3

xoxo, Cherrie.

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Posted at Saturday, September 5, 2009 ; 6:42 PM | 0 comments

HEYHEY EVERYONE:D Ive made a few and not-so-nice banners for you. (: feel free to take it. ^^

For Cybermates

For Hester

For Bianca

For XueLin

For Janice

For Madelyn

For Agassi

Okays, end here. Buh-Byes ^^