im hungry!
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Posted at Tuesday, December 29, 2009 ; 11:34 PM | 2 comments

im here to update my blog which is been somehow dead cause i keep playing game on this holiday. hehe. *dont hate me*. anyway,, this *kawaii* pic here is Ichijo Kou-san from Persona 4. i realised that he's soo kawaii! and i love this pic much~ *its taken from a video and edited*. he's a basketball player who's been raised not by his own family. *poor ne? T^T*. he is searching for his true parents and we'll help him and daisuke too of course. cause they're bestfriends since they were little. *if i didnt wrong X:*. at the game , if you want to know him more , choose to join the basketball team. i love his story much~ its way more better than daisuke's cause daisuke's just about lovelove and kou's is about family and sadsad past. more interesting and nice to me. and we'll still be friend with daisuke , so you better choose the basketball team and you wont regret it *if you're playing persona4 of course*! :3

By the way!
i got a *new ~ kawaii* dog this holiday! its from my brother's friend cause my brother's friend's brother *confused already* is bored with the dog. so they wanted to sell him. but cause my daddy donwan to buy , they gave us instead. hehe. so its FREE~ *i love the word f-r-e-e X:*. he's a golden retriever and pitbull dog. and he got a chocolatey nose instead of a blackey nose. *and he's kawaii*. my brother named him kuma. lol , funny ne? cause kuma means bear in japanese. and he's a dog. and i call him 'kuma-nyan'. lmao , more funny cause '-nyan' is usually used for a cat. and he love to bite stuff much. *boo*. he bites me manymany times till my leg bleeding! *cries*. this dog picture here is not kuma-nyan of course~ its Koromaru from persona3. he's one of my favourite in persona3~ he's so smart , cool , loyal , strong and kawaii too! :3

end here , BYES :D


Posted at Friday, December 25, 2009 ; 2:54 PM | 1 comments


haha , will be going to church later with my daddy and imouto :)
i know it'll be 2++ hours with nothing to do except sitting there.
but i think its a must since me , my dad & lil sister is a catholic.
my lil brother got go to church this morning with his friends alredy O:

anyway, sorry for inactive-ing lately. :(
i am busy with some other thing again , D:
will update more if possible ,, cause this computer also shared.
my lil brother's friend always come here to play also ):

and i know its impossible , but i wish i got a present this xmas. X:
i hope santa do really exist in this *hurting and sad* reality ! >(
then he MUST come to my house give me lots of presents ! X: X:
hope he will give me a digimon ! :B i wan guilmon / agumon .. :B

oh , and , these are gifts and awards i found out today ..

from SHIMIN's SOTM :)

from MAVIS <3

from ELYANA <3

from YUKIKO :D

and that's all for now. :D
thanks alot to MAVIS and ELYANA ^^

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Posted at Thursday, December 24, 2009 ; 1:23 PM | 66 comments

*click for picture url*


fried rice *3*
Posted at Saturday, December 19, 2009 ; 9:07 PM | 1 comments

WOO~ i forgot already on what happened today~
all i remember is my father's promise ! kekeke :B
and his promise is to buy me FRIED RICE~
whee :D damn happy that i can at last eat some fried rice [x

yayayayay ! i got 30 follower already *O*
domou arigatou gozaimasu minnasan ! :D :D
i appreciate you all who followed me *3*

sorry to amabel that i havent done her skin yet D:
so veri confused ! i tried this and that and none come out nicely !
i'll try again tomorrow ! >O

Hester's SOTM result!~ ^O^/

and won something at ashlynn's Pink~Carpet! [x

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Posted at Thursday, December 17, 2009 ; 1:47 PM | 0 comments

here to update my blog. :)

anyway, chatted with janice today.
lol. she is so damn funny and scary.
then we draw draw something at msn ~~

janice draw this for me~<3

then i made this for her

and lol. she draw sth and said im a devil x)

joined ashlynn's contest :D

*resizing of the banner is allowed.*

Tag on ashlynn's tagboard with your name and url :D

Top 3 (1st,2nd and 3rd)
Most Pinkish Blog x3
Best decorated blog x3
Neatest blog x3
Most Creative blog x3
Most Kawaii blog x3
Merits x3

Joining deadline: Until there are 25 participants.
Judging deadline: Day after contest is full.

Put up the contest banner once you post your contest details in the tagboard.
Post about the contest on your blog once.

got a xmas gift from RINEKO ^^
merry xmas

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Posted at Wednesday, December 16, 2009 ; 5:17 PM | 0 comments

well, its not "i'm back!" but "my computer is back!"

anyway, back with edited skin.
not a new skin cause it looked pretty much just the same like before.
and not just a *new* edited skin but a *brand new* playlist too.
only 4 songs though, and all is from K-ON! also. lol.

Playlist's Songs

* K-ON! - Cagayake! Girls
* K-ON! - Fuwa Fuwa Time
* K-ON! - Ballpoint Pen
* K-ON! - Dont Say "Lazy"

and sorry for late tag replies.
sorry for never updating also! ):
i will try to be more active than before^^

got a gift from RABBITO :)

won sth from fanny's SOTM

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Posted at Tuesday, December 8, 2009 ; 4:54 PM | 0 comments

hey , people !
long time nv post ne? ):
cause , you know ah , my com is sick.
and he's still at the hospital now. *lol*
well,,since im in a PC cafe now,,
im going to update my blog so it wont looked dead.

im addicted to PS1 again *O*
PS1 also got many nice addictive games~
such as Legend of Mana , Legend of Legaia , Suikoden II,,
Breath of Fire IV , Persona 2 , Musashi , Threads of Fate , etc~
and ive finished playing all of them except Persona 2.

btw,,im still on exam now . X:
not so confident about this exam also.
my grades are decreasing since im in high school T^T
i just hope i'll pass my exams including this one ):

anyway,,my group's film is done~
submitted also. haha. not uploaded! O:
but here's a picture ^^

*click to enlarge!*

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Posted at Thursday, December 3, 2009 ; 1:04 PM | 3 comments


Winter @' SOTM

Cynthia @ cynthiawong1995.webs' SOTM


anyway, posting on a PC cafe today X:
i saw janice's *veri nice* new layout and the awards~
also, i spotted Nicole is copying my code =.=
prove~? here it is~ *click to enlarge*

but nah, nvm..
that's all for now.
byes. ^^

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